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Sports Medicine


Castlewood Canyon Equine offers sports medicine services for your equine athlete. 
Our patients range from top ten World Equestrian Games finishers to kids pony club and gymkhana mounts.  We have had the privilege to work on horses that have competed for the Canadian Show Jumping team as well as horses that have competed at the US Equestrian Team Festival of Champions!  To all of us at CCE your horse being able to perform is the key to your success and ours.  Whether you horse is a cherished pet, weekend warrior or seasoned competitor we have the experience to help your horse be more successful in the show arena because they are more comfortable. 

 We offer advanced treatment options such as stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma and IRAP.  In addition, we also offer more traditional therapies such as joint injections with cortisone and hyaluron. 

 To diagnose your horse's injury or performance problems we offer computerized
x-rays and ultrasound.  A thorough exam is performed and the use of diagnostic anesthesia (nerve or joint blocks) can be used.   Because of the thoroughness of our exam we normally advise clients that a lameness exam can take 2-3 hours.  Another useful tip is to bring your horse to us as soon as possible after an injury.  It is much harder and more expensive to diagnose a problem 6 months or even 2 weeks after the injury than if it is a few days!


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