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At Castlewood Canyon Equine we treat your mare as a member of the family not a number.  Our smaller size means your mare gets personalized service: from one on one communication with you the owner, to handling all the semen ordering and shipping, to you mare being fed and cared for by one of our veterinary assistants.  The advantage of our smaller size does not come with the disadvantage of less experience.  Dr. Marion has the experience of running a 50 stall mare breeding station for 5 years in the early 2000's.

Our services include:artificial insemination with shipped cooled semen, mare infertility diagnosis and treatment, and breeding soundness exams.  We use daily ultrasounds to follow your mare through her heat cycle for optimal insemination timing and make sure there are no problems after ovulation.  If uterine inflammation or infections occur we can treat immediately.  We also use ultrasound to monitor your mare for a healthy pregnancy, check for twins and your foals heartbeat at 14 and 23 days post ovulation.  We also handle every aspect of logistics of breeding your mare.  Beginning with arranging for collection of the stallion, delivery of the equitainer to picking up the equitainer from the airport if needed!  All you have to do is sit back and start thinking of names for your foal!









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